Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'll Seek Him All My Days

If the Earth could give it's witness.
All creation shout it's praise.

If the continents and oceans spoke to man of their devotion.
Would mortals doubt Him so,
If all were now made known?

If the faithless of the ages, were to feel his healing power--
If the eyes and hears he opened might be theirs for just a moment.
Would it soften hearts of stone--if all were truly known?
Face to face--so few were in that place,
When heaven sent Messiah, to reclaim this fallen race.
If I could stand a top the mountains and sound his name in every ear.
If I had power to tell his story, like the angels have before me,
Would more sins be swept away if the world could sense the debt he paid.
Face to Face. I'll seek Him all my days.
He means more than life to me.
Death can't take that away.
If I can't convince a world.
Then perhaps I'll reach a soul.
As I tell of how he's changed me.
How I wait for Him to take me.
Then I'll worship on my knees and kiss once wounded feet.
Thou he knows of my praise.
One day I'll tell Him face to face.